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 Angels, one of my “speculative” short stories just went up on-line at Ensorcelled Magazine published by Berkeley. (Alas, this magazine seems to have vanished. You can still enjoy this story in my book, The Greener Forest.)

Angels’ beginning place was bee folklore about how a hive will swarm when a death is about to happen in a family. I combined that with the words of a West Virginia woodcarver, who said to me: “The wood tells my hands what to carve.” Then, added a bit of lore about bees being “little angels,” and before long, I had a story.

Angels begins: “The beekeeper stood in the woods, watched the maple boughs sway and listened to the angels singing in the trees. Though he hadn’t known who was doing the singing as a child, Porter had always heard angels…”

I hope you enjoy the story. And writers: puzzle together odd bits and pieces of information when it comes time to find an idea for a story. You never know what inspiration might come from folklore, an old wive’s tale, or a proverb.

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