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 Hooray! The 2011 issue of The Gunpowder Review arrived in 2 large boxes on my doorstep today. I opened the first box, heart thumping, and examined the newest edition of the women’s literary magazine that I’ve edited for the last 3 years.

I think the front and back covers look stunning. Front butterfly photo is from Katie Hartlove. Back cover photos are from Jean Voxakis, Danuta Kosk-Kosicka, Patti Kinlock, Kristin Stephens Crist, and Robin Bayne. And the poems, prose, photography, and artwork on the inside of the magazine are just as wonderful. I feel priviledged to publish the work of so many creative women, and look forward to hosting a publication reading on November 13th at 1 PM at the Bel Air, Maryland, Barnes & Noble. The public is not only invited, but encouraged to attend – so if you’re in the area, why not stop by?

 And the weather was so balmy today, that husband, Sandy the Black-Mouthed Cur, and I took a hike on the North Central Railroad Trail. We walked beneath deciduous trees that had few leaves remaining on their branches, over bridges spanning a creek that had enough momentum to turn many a mill wheel in the olden days, and beside farmland, woodland, and flood plain. Though there were exposed roots aplenty, fern gullies, and mossy rocks – I didn’t spy any Fairyfolk. Still, I believe that they were there peering at us from rabbit holes and birds’ nests.

There was a feeling of timelessness in the names of the tiny roads we crossed. I must research the history of the NCR Trail and the little towns we walked through. History holds so many secrets and endless inspiration for writers. I’ve used a bit of personal history to YA Urban Fantasy already, and I’ll surely use more.

So hurrah for hikes on sunny days, history, creative women, and the arrival of The Gunpowder Review 2011. Now, back to typing…

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 In addition to writing and illustrating, I edit. My latest editorial project, The Gunpowder Review, is finally in-hand. This new literary magazine (with a Maryland focus) contains the work of 60 women. I’m delighted that the contributors are from different walks of life and different backgrounds. Some of these women have had dozens (perhaps even hundreds) of poems published. For some of these writers and artists, the poem or story or drawing in The Gunpowder Review is their first published work.

For me, there is a joy in bringing the creative work of others to readers. It’s different than seeing one’s own work in print (though I do have a poem in the magazine), but no less wonderful. Congratulations to the women in The Gunpowder Review 2009. Good job! And I hope many of you (and maybe a few of you readers) will submit work in 2010 when the magazine opens for submissions on March 1.

The Gunpowder Review is a project sponsored by the Gunpowder Pen Women. Information on their programs and updates on the magazine can be found at: http://gunpowderpenwomen.wordpress.com

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