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I, like many Americans, remember where I was when the Twin Towers fell. Usually not in front of a television that hour of the day, I happened to be working on illustrations for a children’s book by another writer. With art supplies spread on my kitchen table, I’d turned on the television for some background noise, and to keep myself aware of passing time. This was necessary, because like many creative people, I lose myself in my art, and don’t notice the hours slipping by.

I happened to look up as I washed out a paintbrush when the footage of the airplane slamming into the first tower was showing. I didn’t paint another stroke that day. Instead, I, like many Americans, watched in disbelief as another plane struck the second tower. Then, barely able to breathe, I watched the towers fall.

 The news of a plane crashing into the Pentagon felt like someone was standing on my chest. My godmother often worked at the Pentagon. I didn’t know if she was there on September 11, 2001. By the time I heard of the plane downed in a field by passengers willing to sacrifice themselves to save others, I’d cried. Not a few tears and a drippy nose kind of grief – but a sobbing, my heart is breaking kind of sadness. And I’ve cried about that day many times since.

Tragedy makes a strong people stronger and calls to action people of courage and conviction.

Today, I remember the victims of September 11, 2001. Today, I thank the police officers, firefighters, and other brave souls who rushed into harm’s way to help others. Today, I thank the military men and women who were called to fight in Iraq and Afghanistan as a result of that tragic day, and have courageously served their country.

As a small gesture of thanks to our service men and women, my ebooks published through Cold Moon Press are now a part of Operation Ebook Drop which makes free ebooks available to deployed U.S. Troops. Check them out, they’re a worthy cause: http://www.operationebookdrop.com

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