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After skimming this article, I discovered I hadn’t read all of the books mentioned, so I’ve added a few novels to my “To Read” list. Most of the books on the list I’ve read. I agree with the article’s authors – The Lord of the Rings, War of the Worlds, Dune, A Game of Thrones, The Hunger Games, Foundation, The Martian Chronicles, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, The Left Hand of Darkness, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, etc. have changed science fiction and fantasy, and added to the genre.

There are other authors who’ve changed my perception of Science Fiction and Fantasy, but the writings of JRR Tolkien, Jules Verne, HG Wells, Ray Bradbury, Isaac Asimov, George RR Martin, Suzanne Collins, JK Rowling, Frank Herbert, Ursula K. LeGuin, Douglas Adams, and the other authors listed in this aricle stand out.

By the way, the artwork featured in the post is nice, too.

What do you think of 21 Books That Changed Science Fiction and Fantasy Forever? Were your favorites named?

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AnneEJohnson Thanks to author Anne E. Johnson for stopping by and sharing the origins of her Webrid Chronicles. Enjoy!

Why I’m Writing The Webrid Chronicles by Anne E. Johnson

Almost three years ago, I wrote one bizarre sentence, having no idea what it meant or what it would lead to:

Ganpril Webrid handed a clod of jamboro cake to the roadman.

Obviously, I was expecting to write something very strange, maybe without a plot. I continued scribbling a few paragraphs as stream-of-consciousness. But, to be honest, that’s not my thing. By the end of the first page it was clear to me that I needed a story.

So I imagined a character named Webrid, who (in that first scene) is selling low-quality cakes from his pushcart on a hot day in a dirty city. When I changed roadman to blue-skinned businessman, I started to get a picture of Webrid’s life: a working schmuck with little patience for the people he’s supposed to serve, and who feels like he’s not in control of his own destiny.

Although that character description might be found in pretty much any genre, I approached the story as science fiction. And, considering the bizarre nature of the first sentence, I decided to make it extra weird, thoroughly alien, and funny.

GLD There are no humans or Earth in the Webrid stories, and the large selection of freaky species on display is influenced as much by Douglas Adams’s The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy books as it is by the Cantina Band scene in Star Wars IV: A New Hope (ahem, otherwise known to people of my age as just plain Star Wars, thank you).

To express the urban underbelly of Webrid’s world, I applied a layer of noir, complete with cutting sarcasm, off-hand slang, and sizzling babes. Combining such knowing, winking language to Webrid’s bumbling life and a posse of wacky creatures made for some fun writing. I hope it’s as much fun to read.

Although Webrid has two very different adventures in Green Light Delivery (Book 1) and Blue Diamond Delivery (Book 2), they have something essential in common: Webrid has no choice. He’s the victim of destiny, which repeatedly plucks him up and dumps him into circumstances where he and only he―with the help of some colorful friends―can solve a world-threatening conundrum.

BDD_cover_front.1 In the front pages of Blue Diamond Delivery, my publisher Candlemark & Gleam lists the title of Book 3 of the Webrid Chronicles. It’s called Red Spawn Delivery, and I’m writing it now. So, is that it? Is this a trilogy? Does Webrid get to retire for real next year and lead a calm life hanging out in bars and strip clubs?

Fate has a funny way of deciding questions like that…”

You can learn more about Anne E. Johnson on her website. Purchase Green Light Delivery and Blue Diamond Delivery at Candlemark & Gleam and other retailers.

Thanks again to Anne E. Johnson for her guest post. Watch Whimsical Words for more guests, blogs from me, and Readers & Writers Recipes. Have a fun-filled day! – Vonnie

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