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 First, thanks to all who took time from their busy lives to cast votes for me in the Preditors & Editors Poll. Final results should be available soon. I really appreciate the support many of you have shown me in not only voting in the poll, but in downloading my eShorts.

As a thank you, here are links to some of my poems available for FREE online:

Spiders, published in EMG-Zinehttp://tinyurl.com/vonnie-spiders

Sea Children, published in Seastories Hibernal 09 Issue (from the Blue Ocean Institute) – This one was taken down — so check out my website to read it: http://www.vonniewinslowcrist.com

if not, published in Loch Raven Review http://www.tinyurl.com/vonnie-if-not

At the Asian Art Center, published in The Chesapeake Reader – This one was taken down — so check out my website to read it: http://www.vonniewinslowcrist.com

Writers, these are wonderful publications to submit work to. Don’t read just my poems — check out some of the other work published & see if anything you have written might fit into one of these publications.

Thanks again & happy reading to all!

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 Many authors, including me, have asked readers to vote for us and our story or poem on the Preditors & Editors Poll: http://www.critters.org/predpoll/  That’s all well and good for the authors, poets, artists, editors, and publications receiving votes — but what’s in it for the readers? Plenty! For readers, you get a chance to read stories & poems and look at books, magazines & anthologies you might not have heard about before. Perhaps you’ll find a writer who’s words you’d like to read more of.

Now, what’s in it for other writers? Gold! By checking out the various books, magazines & anthologies, you can find a few which might be interested in your writing. The nonfiction articles, bookstores, writers’ advice listings, etc. can prove to be valuable resources for you. And check out the editors, too. An editor that scores lots of votes might be someone you’d like to work with on a project. You can also check out your competition for the available slots in a publisher’s schedule. Is your work up to the standards of the work you see listed?

What’s in it for the artists?  Read the above paragraph. You, too, need to familiarize yourself with publications, editors, and your competition.

As for editors, they get a chance to see writers & artists whose work is popular with a segment of the reading population.  Though that information should never be the only deciding factor when it comes to accepting submissions, it is nice to know!

So go to the poll: http://www.critters.org/predpoll/ check-out the categories & nominees, and VOTE BEFORE 11:59 PM JANUARY 14th.  I, of course, would love your vote as a Poet, Artist, and Author — or for my 1 of my Poems: Sea Children or Spiders, my Story-Other: Bells, 1 of my Story-Science Fictions: Angels or Assassins or Sideshow by the Sea, and lastly, my Book Cover Art: Sideshow by the Sea.

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