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Re-use and Recycle are popular ideas for life. Why not add Re-write and Re-think to the list, and take a look at your writing? Some of my poems and stories have been reprinted, but usually not without a re-write. Why bother with re-writing? Because I often see places I’d like to change in my writing – maybe only a word or phrase, sometimes so many changes the story or poem needs to be re-named! As time passes and I gain some distance from my writing, it’s easier for me to find the flaws. Also (and thank goodness for this), I’ve grown as a writer, and I want to polish the poems, articles, and stories that were published in the past. I saw a wonderful article with lots of great suggestions recently. Lessons from an Overcoat by Ellen Cassedy is well-worth the read. How about you? Any other writing recycling suggestions or experiences?

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152 Long before recycling became common place, my family was carefully sorting our trash. Cardboard, paper, clear glass, colored glass, aluminum, etc. were separated in our garage, adding to the general disorder one finds in the garage of a family of five. Then, we’d transport the bags of recyclables to the local middle school and place it in the appropriate bins. But we didn’t mind.

We planted trees and native plants. We only cut down trees that had to be removed, even leaving some deadwood so the woodpeckers and other birds and animals could use the hollowed trunks for homes.

We planted a vegetable garden and used natural bug repellants, mulch, and fertilizer. We also planted sunflowers, black-eyed susans, and echinacea to not only enjoy their cheerful blooms, but to allow them to go to seed so the wildlife would have food. Coral bells, bee balm, hyssop, and other hummingbird and butterfly friendly plants were added to our flower beds. And at the end of the season, we left the spent vegetable garden for the wild animals to enjoy.

And with a well as our water source, we’ve always been conservative in our water usage.

Were those “be friendly to the Earth” lessons of long ago worth the effort? I believe they were. My children realize how precious our planet is, and are passing that belief on to their children.

Al Bernstein wrote: “We treat this world of ours as if we had a spare in the trunk.” I know there’s no spare, so I try to leave a small footprint on Mother Earth. This beautiful blue and green planet is a gift, and I celebrate Earth Day every day.

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