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Happy April Fools’ Day! One of my not-so-foolish goals for 2016 is to become more productive. For me, I know my productivity is hampered by my lack of organization. In other words, I need to get rid of the clutter (both literal and figurative) and focus.

Sometimes, thinking outside of the box, organizing in fluid ways, and having lots of pots on the stove can result in a flock of fabulous ideas. The problem is, without focus, those ideas are often not completed. And time spent on half-done projects is wasted until those projects are completed. I thought I’d take you on this journey, too:

My completed project list – March 31st

Writing: completed a science fiction novelette – time to get it in the hands of my publisher

Non-writing: finished a crocheted afghan for granddaughter

My projects to be completed by April 30th

Writing: 1- finish typing letters home from World War II from a great-uncle and begin research for this nonfiction book

2- revise and add a story to The Greener Forest for re-release by a new publisher

3- finish at least 2 short stories and submit them to publishers

Non-writing: 1- finish a crocheted afghan for youngest grandson

2- add a quilt border to 2 embroidered samplers and frame them

3- gather and scan at least 10 black and white drawings, then submit them to publishers

Even as I type this, it feels ambitious, but I think I can manage. I came across an interesting article on becoming more productive by Lisa M. Gerry: Three Ways to be Instantly More Productive in which she enlists the help of The Power of Habit author Charles Duhigg to share 3 tips for becoming more efficient.  Here’s the link.

How about you – do you have any other ideas for increasing productivity?

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Every year as I pull together receipts for taxes, I vow to be better organized in the coming year. Alas, I think I’ve only moved from “unbelievably awful” to “not very good.” But movement to “slightly more organized” is better than sinking deeper each year in the quicksand of disorganization.

In my constant battle to be more organized, I look for tips which might fit my personality and work habits well enough for me to follow. For my readers who also struggle with organization, here are links to a couple of “get organized” articles and sites:

Maybe 2015 will prove to be the year in which you and I get better organized. Any other tips you’d like to share?

General Tips:  http://www.wikihow.com/Be-Organized

For writers: http://obscurekidlitauthors.blogspot.com/2015/01/the-day-after-new-years.html

For Moms and other around the home:  http://www.womansday.com/home/organizing/100-Ways-to-Get-Organized

For a real organizational junkie: http://www.getorganizednow.com 

I hope you’re enjoying my blog posts and links. Want to show some love? Visit my Amazon page and consider buying a book. 🙂

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