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 In just a week, I’ll be venturing into the e-book short story world. It seems a small leap from the poems I’ve had published online in Sea Stories, Loch Raven Review, Chesapeake Reader, etc. Even a smaller leap from the science fiction story published by Space Westerns.  But for a woman who’s grown up loving the feel of a book in her hands, the sound of pages flipping, and that new book smell — it’s something to adjust to.

Still, the world is changing, and e-books seem to make sense for many readers. And so, in a week’s time, on October 15 my contemporary fantasy story, Sideshow By the Sea, will appear as an eShort. [As of Oct. 2011, no longer available, but look for this Writers of the Future Honorable Mention-winning tale to reappear in my short story collection, Owl Light, from Cold Moon Press ).

Sideshow by the Sea — what in the world is it about? With a nod to a sideshow-expert and friend, James Taylor, and his magazine “Shocked & Amazed” – I gathered what I knew of sideshows, added it to a tiny article about a mermaid baby being born, and tossed in the boardwalk atmosphere of Ocean City. Before I knew it, I had a tale (yes, pun intended) that moved from fact to speculation.

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