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I’ve decided to link to an article from Content Marketing Institute about converting blog readers into customers — even though I have my doubts about some of the suggestions!

I write my blog to express ideas, offer information to others which I’ve found interesting or thought-provoking, and report on what’s going on in my writer/illustrator journey with the hope that a few of my readers might purchase a book of mine or stop by and visit with me at an author’s event. But I’m not a “hard seller,” and am therefore skittish of some of the suggestions made in this article.

Maybe some of my readers who have a product to sell (book or otherwise) will find 11 Ways to convert Blog Readers Into Customers helpful. Do any of you have input on the subject?

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I’m always on the look out for creative book marketing ideas.

To begin with, I encourage other authors to build and maintain an author’s platform. (And I’m constantly trying to maintain mine). Included in the building blocks of a platform should be an Author’s Facebook page, a Twitter account, a blog/website, and an Author’s Goodreads page. There are lots of other items to add – including an Amazon Author’s Page/Bio, Pinterest page, and a bio page (which includes your books) on organizational pages (like the Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators, your state Arts Council, etc.)

Then, I encourage other authors to participate in signings, readings, writing conferences, and other events where you not only get to promote yourself and market your books, but have an opportunity to engage the reading public. Readers really do like to meet and talk to authors! I try to participate in 6 to 10 events per year.

Free book promos and joint author promotions are other ideas which have worked. Here’s an interesting article from “She Writes,” Creative Marketing Ideas That Pay Off, by Tracy Slater.

Happy reading!

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