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cinderI am a fan of Marissa Meyer’s young-adult science-fiction Lunar Chronicles Series: Cinder, Scarlet, and Cress. Plus, I must admit to be eagerly awaiting my copy of her newest book, Fairest.

As a reader and writer, I like learning about an author’s take on their book, characters, writing habits, etc. – which is why I’m delighted to share a link to a Goodreads question session with Marissa Meyer.

I hope you enjoy Marissa Meyer on Goodreads as much as I do.

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I was delighted to learn my fondness for Young Adult books is shared by lots of other adults. I find in YA, the stories move along at a brisk pace, there’s a feeling of growth and discovery, and the main character’s flaws are not only forgiveable, but expected, since they’re “coming of age” during the story.

cinder The most recent YA novel I’ve read is Cinder – Book I of the Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer (and I await the arrival of the next 2 books in the series). Readers, do you enjoy Young Adult books, too? Why?

By the way, this post was written 2 weeks ago before a heated discussion on adults reading YA hit the internet. I’ve decided to share a few of those posts with you over the next couple of weeks. I think you’ll be surprised at the strong opinions this subject is generating! Here’s the first Adults reading YA link: Thirtysomething Teen – An Adult YA Addict Comes Clean.

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