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Anyone who knows me, knows I love words. Not just the everyday, run of the mill, nothing special sort of words, but the wonderfully weird words.

Some fabulous words are archaic. Used generations ago, they’ve fallen our of favor for one reason or another.

Some words sound lovely when falling off the tongue. But those who value ease of speech more than the lyrical sound of a word, have shunted these ear-ticklers to the never-used corner of the dictionary.

Some words are so specific, the need for their usage is limited—unless you write speculative fiction, in which case they can be the inspiration for a story (or at least a sentence or two).

Other words just never caught on, never made it into our day-to-day language.

One of the sites that celebrate these word addities is Grandiloquent Words on Facebook. For those who love language and words as much as I do, I recommend taking a look.

And don’t be stampointed by the quirky list of words on the site.

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