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I hadn’t intended to blog today — I’m busily working on an article about beekeeping (with a sidebar on bee-friendly plants) for “Harford’s Heart.” It’s my last article for the April/May 2014 issue (2 others are already completed and sent to Editor Fran).

But before settling into my bee-writing mode, I checked Facebook to make sure I hadn’t received any messages I needed to respond to in a timely manner. And that’s when I saw this wonderful video posted in the Broad Universe group. It made me smile, and it made me think about women who write science fiction (and please, count me among those women who write SF). Happy Women’s History Month – enjoy!


By the way, what do you think about the video?

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For those of you who like Egyptian myth and lore, a poem of mine called “Immortality” is now up at EMG-Zine, an online science fiction/fantasy magazine: http://tinyurl.com/vonnie-immortality  This magazine always has interesting art, non-fiction articles, poetry, and stories. Check out their archives for many of their past themed issues. (I have a poem in their Raven, Dragon, and Spider issues).

And speaking of poetry, I’m busy writing a few more poems to compliment the short stories in my soon-to-be-published collection of fantasy work called: The Greener Forest. The titles of some of the finished poems: Goblins, Dark Fairy, The Greener Forest, and On the Edge. Well, I guess you get the idea – there are fantastical creatures of all sorts mingling with the regular folks in these poems and short stories.

 Also, get ready for several posts with pictures and information from this fall’s FaerieCon. I met some wonderful artists and writers, and sculpted my own goblin.  And speaking of poetry and FaerieCon — award-winning writer, Jane Yolen, read a number of her marvelous poems. Not only did many of the audience members (me included) have tears in their eyes when Jane read her poetry — but facilitator, Wendy Froud, was on the verge of crying, too.

Good writing is a powerful thing indeed!

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