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A book launch sounds like something done at the Kennedy Space Center involving rockets and paperbacks. If only! Launching a book is not as physically painful as childbirth, but it certainly takes a toll on the writer.

Most of us don’t have the budget to hire someone to plan a book launch, so we have to figure out a way to get our book a little notice. Friends, family, and people we know through clubs, church, school, etc. can be a help—or not. Blogging, guest blogging, pinning, Facebooking, tweeting…can help launch a book—or not.

Most of us begin to think about the book’s pre-publication publicity and launch about 6 months too late. Therefore, we never quite catch up.

A writer, whom I admire, once told me the best way to assure the success of one book is to publish another, then another, then another book. He said you needed to build a reader base by giving readers lots to read. And maybe that is the answer to a successful book launch.

Here’s another opinoin on the book launch from the writing blog, Writers Get Together.

Happy reading, writing, blogging, and book launching!

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I recently guest blogged at Coffee Time Romance on the theme: “Books that Warm the Heart.” First, thanks to Tarah Scott for inviting me. When I responded to her call for books that were heart warming, I wasn’t sure she’d welcome a book with stories that feature fairies, zombies, angels, mermaids, spriggans, goblins, and other faeryfolk. But her willingness to include a fantasy short story collection warmed my heart!

I’m sharing a portion of the guest post on Whimsical Words for my readers to enjoy:

“From the cover blurb, you might not think that The Greener Forest will warm your heart, but you’d be wrong. Perhaps it’s because this collection of fantasy tales is Young Adult friendly, but each story has the happiest ending possible considering the circumstances the main character finds him or herself in.

Whether it’s a scarecrow, a giant, a hunter looking for a healer, a dragon, a half-elf wife married to a human, or a mermaid called by the sea when she swims away from shore and her family to save a drowning boy, love plays a role in bringing two very different people together. And as the holiday spirit surrounds us, who couldn’t use a little love in their life?”

And so for you writers out there — when it comes to blogging, think in unexpected ways. I bet your book, your writing process, and your life are filled with lots of ideas for guest blogs. And readers — thanks for following Whimsical Words. Please let me know what you think about my blog and my books.

To read the full guest post: http://www.coffeetimeromance.com/CoffeeThoughts/the-greener-forest-a-book-that-warms-the-heart/

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