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This is the twelfth blog in a series of owl-focused posts to promote Owl Light, my new YA-friendly collection of stories featuring owls. Each post features a mix of owl art, facts, folklore, quotes, and links to owlish sites. If you’re a fan of owls, or know someone whooo is, follow my blog, buy my book, and be kind to these beautiful birds.

12 Bells small Owl art: One of my owl pen and ink sketches from Owl Light.

Owl fact: Owls are found on all continents except Antarctica. But, alas, only 19 species of owls are found in North America.

Owl folklore: Artemidorus of Daldis, a 2nd century Greek diviner and dream interpreter (and author of Oneirocritica or in English: The Interpretation of Dreams), believed to dream of an owl meant a traveler would be robbed, shipwrecked, or meet with some other disaster on his journey.

Owl link: Share the adventures of a pair of Northern Barred Owls on Owl Cam – a fun to watch site.  And a video of Barred Owls which includes their rather haunting call.

And, of course, here’s a buy link for Owl Light.
Or buy it from The Owl Pages and help out owls.

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