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First, thanks to those who downloaded my mermaid eShort.  When I sat down to write the tale (pun intended), I tried to answer some basic questions: What if a mermaid baby were abandoned in a sideshow tent? Would her life ever be normal? Would she ever belong? For the answers, you’ll have to read the the story. And I’d love to hear what you thought of my plot choices. Would you have preferred a different ending? (No longer available from the e-publisher, look for this award-winning speculative story in my book, Owl Light, from Cold Moon Press).

Horned Dragon Now, to the dragons. I’m writing a dragon story and investigating the myths and legends where a dragon is either lured by milk or is pacified by milk. I’m pretty sure the old wives’ tale which says black snakes will latch onto a cow’s udder and drain out the milk originate with these stories. Have you heard or read any such legends?

And lastly, goblins have recently been cropping up in several of the stories I’m working on. I’m not sure if it’s the nearness of Halloween, or if they’re a creature that’s demanding to be written about at the moment.  Where do you think all the goblins are hiding in our world? Or maybe, they’re not hiding at all!

My thought for today: Magic is all around us — we just forget to notice it some days.

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