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Get ready to celebrate! August 4th – International Owl Awareness Day is upon us.

This is the eleventh blog in a series of owl-focused posts to promote Owl Light, my new YA-friendly collection of stories featuring owls. Each post features a mix of owl art, facts, folklore, quotes, and links to owlish sites. If you’re a fan of owls, or know someone whooo is, follow my blog, buy my book, and be kind to these beautiful birds.

Barn Owl sketch for cover Owl art: The original owl pencil sketch, which became a pen and ink drawing, which was the basis for part of a painting, which eventually became the front cover of Owl Light.

Owl folklore: A Gloucestershire legend says that Jesus visited a baker looking for something to eat. The baker put a loaf into the oven for Him, but the baker’s daughter decided it was too large, and divided it in half. Nevertheless, the dough rose to a huge size. Upon seeing this, the daughter cried, “Heugh! Heugh! Heugh!” and was transformed into an owl.

Owl quote: William Shakespeare refers to this folklore in his play, Hamlet, when he has Ophelia comment: “Well, God ‘ield you! They say the owl was a baker’s daughter.”

Owl link: Here’s the link to the Facebook Page for International Owl Awareness Day, (lots of fun owl photos here), and a video of an Eurasian Eagle Owl hooting.

And, of course, here’s a buy link for Owl Light.
Or buy it from The Owl Pages and help out owls.

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