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I enjoy short stories – I love to write and read them. Which is why I’ve published 2 collections of short fiction: Owl Light and The Greener Forest, and why I’m delighted to be editing an anthology (along with my marvelous co-editor), called Hides the Dark Tower for Pole to Pole Publishing.

I know many readers prefer novels, and I enjoy reading novels, too. That said, I encourage readers to pick up a short fiction collection and discover reading short stories is like having a bowl of candy – it’s hard to eat (or read) just one!

As for writers, short fiction is both fun to write and an excellent writing exercise. The length restrictions force a writer to be selective in his words, number of characters, complexity of storyline, etc.

I found an interesting article on short fiction in the online magazine Cracked Eye.

How about you? Do you read short fiction?

Here are the links for those who want to know more about Pole to Pole Publishing or Hides the Dark Tower.

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