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I find myself in a daydreamy mood today, which is not at all useful in completing next month’s “Harford’s Heart” Writer’s Block column. www.harfordsheart.com  

The column I’m working on features 2 local writers, Jack L. Shagena, Jr. and Henry C. Peden, Jr., who are meticulously researching and writing the history of Harford County. Their books are each subject specific: Mills, Blacksmithing, Churches, Tinsmithing, Barns, Bridges, etc. Fascinating stuff for those of us interested in history or for writers interested in bringing authenticity to their fiction. (And luckily, all but 1 of their books are available at the Harford Historical Society).

 But today, I’ve been daydreaming about a darker world where I’ve set one fantasy story and I’d like to set another. Maybe it’s the warm wind rustling the daffodils every time I go outside with the dog. Maybe it’s the new leaves on the trees that seem so brightly yellow-green against the sky. Maybe it’s the woodpecker persistently searching for insects in the dead maple in the woods. I’m not sure. But whatever the reason, I’m finding it difficult to focus on the here and now.

So what do I do?

Write! I’ll allow myself 2 hours to slip into that dark fantastic world that is demanding to be written about. And then, reluctantly, I’ll pull out my notes again and write my column. No matter how distracting, I feel blessed to be able to daydream so easily. For no less a writer than Edgar Allan Poe wrote: “They who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night.”

So to you writers & artists out there (and everyone else who’s enjoying this gorgeous spring day): Happy Daydreaming!

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