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vwc-sbts-high[1] My first short story to be published as an eBook was Sideshow by the Sea.  The mermaid on the cover is from one of my paintings. (To see the original, check an earlier blog). I wonder if eShorts will replace stories in magazines – I hope not. I like to hold a magazine, and leaf through its pages.

I’m crazy-busy getting everything done for a Celebrate the Arts Day I’m in charge of in Bel Air, Maryland on Saturday, but not too busy to celebrate by dancing with the cat in front of the computer screen. The cat, officially labeled “fractious” by our vet, is now certain she is a member of the superior species.  After I put Sam back on the floor, her meows had a “scolding” tone to them, and I swear she stomped across the room to her bed.

Well, the cat might not appreciate a story about a mermaid girl in a sideshow, but you might!

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