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Cardinal in Holly Snow drifts are so deep, it’s hard to carry seeds out to the birdfeeders. The red-shoulder hawks perched in one of our trees this afternoon were so cold, they stood on one foot with the other tucked up in their feathers. The fox that lurks in our woods bounds over the drifts looking for a meal. The squirrels seem reluctant to come out in the cold to pilfer the birds’ food. Winter solstice is here, and I long for the warmth of spring.

Now, back to making Christmas cards — with one of my cardinal paintings on them.  The message typed on the front excerpted from Carol of the Birds: “Whence comes this rush of wings? Birds of the woods in wondrous flight…sweetest music bring” And on the inside: “Wishing you peace & joy, not only this holiday season when heaven & earth join the birds in song, but always.” And this is my wish for you in this season of miracles and magic.

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