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Readers and Writers Recipes: Brookies

099 These brownie-cookie creations using brownie mix and chocolate chip cookie mix are quick and easy to fix. A hit with kids and grown-ups alike, you’ll always want to keep the ingredients around for a hot-from-the-oven treat for guests. Like my last recipe Chocolate Waffles, Brookies work well for a book club or readers’ group get-together, family party, or any other fun gathering.



1 package Brownie Mix for 9” x 12” pan

   Ingredients to make Brownie Mix

   (usually eggs, vegetable oil, and water)

1 package Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix that makes 36 cookies

   Ingredients to make Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix

   (usually eggs and margarine)


1- Preheat oven to 350º F. Spray 30 cupcake tin cups VERY WELL with a vegetable spray like Pam or grease-well.

2- Make Brownies according to directions on package in a bowl.

3- In another bowl, make Chocolate Chip Cookies according to directions on package.

4- Divide the Brownie batter evenly between the 30 cupcake tin cups.

5- Put a scoop of Chocolate Chip Cookie batter in the center of each Brownie-filled cupcake tin cup, making sure to use all the cookie batter.

6- Bake for 12-17 minutes (depends on your oven & mixes used). Watch the Brookies. They’re done when the cookie batter in the center is lightly browned.

7- Remove cupcake tins from oven. Cool briefly. Remove Brookies from tins with a clean knife.

8- Serve warm or cold, with or without ice cream. Keep leftover Brookies in an air-tight container. Brookies also freeze well.


1- Again, make sure your cupcake tin cups are well-oiled, well-greased, or well-sprayed with a vegetable cooking spray (like Pam). Brookies will stick to the pan if you don’t.

2- When finished baking, only cool Brookies slightly, then remove from muffin tin cups. The only down-side to Brookies is that they’re a little challenging to remove from the muffin tin in perfect condition. Of course, imperfect Brookies will still taste fabulous!

Appearing Monday on Whimsical Words: a guest post from author, Alesha Escobar.


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