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Selling books isn’t easy, even for the more well-known authors who regularly have books at the midlist level. I imagine, even best-selling authors have their “duds.” There are many reasons for a book not selling well, some the author can control and others not so much.

A very long, and sobering article on the cold, hard facts when it comes to selling books is on Kameron Hurley’s website. Thanks to Alex Shvartsman for posting a link on Facebook to The Cold Publishing Equations: Books Sold & Marketability & Love.

Any readers or authors have feedback on this subject?

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Like many authors and illustrators, I attend various author events in hopes of meeting my readers and selling a few books (and maybe a poster or 2 of my artwork).

It’s always a challenge to find a way to engage the attendees without scaring them away by being too aggressive. When someone stops by my table, I try to be friendly, and (gulp) suggest they look at one of my books.

I often wonder if there are better ways to attract people to stop and chat, and then buy my books, posters, illustration pendants, etc. I came across an interesting post from DerpyGurl which has some great tips for authors. Don’t be put off by the title if you’re not attending Comic Con or writing science-fiction and fantasy – this article is very informative for all authors.


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I hadn’t planned to do another post about marketing, but I read an interesting article and I got to thinking about why sometimes marketing doesn’t work. Among the problems listed were an author is too shy or too modest.

Which brings me to another one of my Keys to Success (I’m discussing these in relationship to writers, but they apply to many other people, too): Know thyself!

By this I mean, know your personality, limitations, habits, and strengths. If you’re an extremely shy person, you can avoid social situations or you can work to overcome this limitation. If you’re always late (one of my challenges), you need to discover strategies to help you arrive places on time. If you’re older and get tired in the evenings, either schedule author events for earlier in the day or set aside time to take a nap on the day of a late activity. If you’re an entertaining speaker but don’t do well reading from your book, give fun talks to groups, mentioning your book or briefly quoting from it. People will still be interested in buying it.

Here’s the link to 5 Reasons Your Marketing Efforts Aren’t Converting Into Book Sales by Christelle Lujan, first published by She Writes. I hope you find it useful.

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