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One lesson I’ve learned through years of having books published by Indie presses is: It’s easier to create a book than to get into the hands of readers.

Wait, you say, doesn’t it take years to write a book? Often it does take years.

Doesn’t it take years to find a publisher (Indie or bigger) interested in publishing your book? Indeed, if usually does.

Once the book is accepted, aren’t there months if not years before the book actually hits the bookshelves? Yes, that’s true.

But the problem remains, once you’ve written a book, found a publisher, and gone through the process – you need to get word out about your book and help potentially interested readers discover it.

So what’s the solution? Good promotion and a little luck. And by good promotion, I don’t mean constantly Facebooking every acquaintance you’ve ever met with “buy my book” notes!

Some great tips can be found in the article How To Promote Your Science Fiction Book,  found on BookBaby Blog.

If you’ve got other tips, please feel free to share them.

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I hadn’t planned to do another post about marketing, but I read an interesting article and I got to thinking about why sometimes marketing doesn’t work. Among the problems listed were an author is too shy or too modest.

Which brings me to another one of my Keys to Success (I’m discussing these in relationship to writers, but they apply to many other people, too): Know thyself!

By this I mean, know your personality, limitations, habits, and strengths. If you’re an extremely shy person, you can avoid social situations or you can work to overcome this limitation. If you’re always late (one of my challenges), you need to discover strategies to help you arrive places on time. If you’re older and get tired in the evenings, either schedule author events for earlier in the day or set aside time to take a nap on the day of a late activity. If you’re an entertaining speaker but don’t do well reading from your book, give fun talks to groups, mentioning your book or briefly quoting from it. People will still be interested in buying it.

Here’s the link to 5 Reasons Your Marketing Efforts Aren’t Converting Into Book Sales by Christelle Lujan, first published by She Writes. I hope you find it useful.

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Even as I typed the title of this blog post I cringed. It’s extremely difficult to promote and sell a book published (as mine have been) by a small press, much less self-published. And remember, self-published is not a dirty word as long as the book is well written, edited, and produced. Professional presentation and quality is the key.

Readers, do you really care who published a book as long as it’s a good read?

I hope you’re enjoying my blog posts and links. Want to show some love? Visit my Amazon page and consider buying a book. 🙂

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