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Murder_Cover_CS_frontMy newest book, Murder on Marawa Prime, is a science fiction murder mystery. As many of my readers know, I often choose to write fantasy – so why bother with science fiction?

I suppose it’s because ever since I was a little girl, I’ve looked up at the stars and wondered what worlds were out there. Unlike others, I never doubted there WERE other worlds – otherwise, our universe (and all the other universes out there) seemed to be a great waste of space and effort on the part of their Creator.

I was also fascinated by science as a kid, teen, and adult. Everything from “hard” sciences, like biology and physics, to “soft” sciences, like cultural anthropology and sociology.

Plus, let’s not forget the speculative books which I read. From Frank Herbert t0 Anne McCaffrey to Isaac Asimov and many others, I enjoyed the mix of science and “what if.”

So in answer to the original question, I write science fiction because I enjoy it!

For another point of view, here’s the link to Steve McEllistrem’s take on Writing Science Fiction.

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Right Word

I love words! I know I’ve begun other posts in a similar manner – but the fact is, I do love words.

There seems to be the right word for every situation. Verbs in particular are modified instead of choosing the right word. What do I mean? “She walked quickly” is better if you write either “she ran” or “she hurried.” “She talked quietly” is more exact if you write “she whispered.” “She laughed in a silly manner” is shorter if you write “she giggled.” Well, you get the idea.

Verbs aren’t the only words overly modified. The use of “very” usually means the correct or right word isn’t being used. Here’s the link to a fun list of words to use rather than rely on “very.” Yes, I know it’s an advertisement for a service, but the list is still “right on.”

Enjoy, fellow word-lovers, and write on: 128 Words to Use Instead of Very 😉

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Writers struggle to not only write, but to find publishers for their novels. Sometimes, misery likes company (remember, clichés do come from a bit of truth). So I thought this post, 15 Classic Science Fiction and Fantasy Novels that Publishers Rejected would offer some comfort to writers.

It proves that not every book is for every editor or publishing company. And it also proves, persistence counts! Hope you enjoy the article. 🙂

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gremlers I often use fairy-tales and Faerie creatures for writing and art inspiration. I wrote a guest blog on the subject over at Nerd Girl Official. Thanks so much to Gladys Gonzales for inviting me to guest post and for interviewing me. I hope my readers will take a look. FYI, there are lots of links to free stories in Fairy-Tale Inspiration

Have a magical evening! – Vonnie

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Costumes for Halloween, a masquarade party, Rennaisance Fair, or fairy festival are fun to wear. But not all of us have runway model looks. We need to remember not all princesses are petite. Not all princesses have blond hair.

As a fantasy writer, I try to make my characters diverse. Some are tall, some robust, some short, some dark-skinned, some scrawny, some curly-haired, some bald… In other words, I try to include the mix of people who surround me in this world.

I believe every girl has the right to be a princess – to see herself as lovely and special. Just like every young person has the right to see themselves as a hero. This post about a young woman who couldn’t find a princess dress to fit, reminds me that beauty comes in many sizes.

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