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Murder_Cover_CS_frontMy newest book, Murder on Marawa Prime, is a science fiction murder mystery. As many of my readers know, I often choose to write fantasy – so why bother with science fiction?

I suppose it’s because ever since I was a little girl, I’ve looked up at the stars and wondered what worlds were out there. Unlike others, I never doubted there WERE other worlds – otherwise, our universe (and all the other universes out there) seemed to be a great waste of space and effort on the part of their Creator.

I was also fascinated by science as a kid, teen, and adult. Everything from “hard” sciences, like biology and physics, to “soft” sciences, like cultural anthropology and sociology.

Plus, let’s not forget the speculative books which I read. From Frank Herbert t0 Anne McCaffrey to Isaac Asimov and many others, I enjoyed the mix of science and “what if.”

So in answer to the original question, I write science fiction because I enjoy it!

For another point of view, here’s the link to Steve McEllistrem’s take on Writing Science Fiction.

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