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Right Word

I love words! I know I’ve begun other posts in a similar manner – but the fact is, I do love words.

There seems to be the right word for every situation. Verbs in particular are modified instead of choosing the right word. What do I mean? “She walked quickly” is better if you write either “she ran” or “she hurried.” “She talked quietly” is more exact if you write “she whispered.” “She laughed in a silly manner” is shorter if you write “she giggled.” Well, you get the idea.

Verbs aren’t the only words overly modified. The use of “very” usually means the correct or right word isn’t being used. Here’s the link to a fun list of words to use rather than rely on “very.” Yes, I know it’s an advertisement for a service, but the list is still “right on.”

Enjoy, fellow word-lovers, and write on: 128 Words to Use Instead of Very 😉

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