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Though I posted earlier today, I must wish my readers a Happy International Fairy Day!

The Greener Forest 300 dpi coverIn celebration of all things Faerie (including fairies, goblins, spriggans, giants, and such), I’m busy getting, The Greener Forest, my collection of short stories in which the world of Faerie spills into our mundane world, ready for re-release. So if you want the original version with my illustrations on the cover and inside the book, order your copy as soon as possible.

I’m sharing the old cover and a buy link – if you’re interested in purchasing the original version.

So what will change about The Greener Forest?

First, a new publisher, Pole to Pole Publishing, and new ISBN, etc.

Cover-Electronic-GreenerForestSecond, the illustrations will be removed (by the way, ebook versions have not had illustrations since TGR was first published).

Third,  an extra story, “Balming the Thorn,” originally published in the anthology, Magical, and reprinted in FrostFire World May 2016, will now be included in the book.

Fourth, an extra poem, “Before the Battle,” originally published in Heroic Fantasy Quarterly, will now be included in the book.

Fifth, The Greener Forest will have a new cover with cover comments on the front and back. I’ve included a copy of the new cover for your enjoyment.

Want to know a little more about International Fairy Day? Here’s a link. Have a most magical June 24th!

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I’ve been a fan of Anne McCaffrey’s Dragon Riders of Pern series of books since they were first published. I think I fell in love with the idea of a dragon who was both apart from a character and a part of the character. I even had compassion for the poor watch-beast who tried to protect Lessa in the first Pern book.

Perhaps it’s because I was born in the Year of the Dragon (I’ll leave you to figure out which Year of the Dragon that is), but those magical reptiles have always held a special place in my heart. I’ve included a dragon in a few short stories, most notably in “Weathermaker,” included in my book The Greener Forest (soon to be updated with an additional story and poem included and released from Pole to Pole Publishing).

Plus, a dragon plays an important role in my novel, The Enchanted Skean – though Fafnir is a wee dragon in this first book of The Chronicles of Lifthrasir. For fans of the The Enchanted Skean, look for a novelette length tie-in book from Pole to Pole Publishing by year’s end.

Now, back to Pern! I loved the fantasy vibe of the series, even though it was officially science fiction. These books tread that delightful ground between genres where I often like the stories I read (and write) to exist.

So hoorah! Though Anne McCaffrey is no longer with us, her marvelous dragon-filled world can still bring joy to fans new and old. As for me- I can’t wait to see what movie technology and good live-action can do for The Dragon Riders of Pern. Here’s the link to the article.

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