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Confession time: I’m a space geek. If I was younger and the opportunity was offered, I expect I’d volunteer to go to Mars.

Which is why I’m looking forward to seeing the new movie, “The Martian” featuring Matt Damon,  based on the self-published book by Andy Weir. (In 2014, the book finally did find a traditional publisher). Not only does the movie look good, but the fact that Andy Weir believed in his writing enough to self-publish it, and then, was “discovered” is pretty cool. (And every self-published author’s dream).

But what I’m really excited about is there’s water on Mars. Hooray! One thing necessary for life (as we know it) checked off the list.

Want to read more about water on Mars? Here’s a link to: NASA Says Signs of Liquid Water Flowing on Mars from The New York Times. Enjoy!

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