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Some days, I don’t have the necessary motivation to write (or paint). Perhaps I’m tired physically, mentally, or emotionally,  perhaps I’ve received one too many rejection letters, or perhaps I’m overwhelmed with the hugeness of a task. Whatever the reason, it’s hard to lift my hands to type, much less turn on the necessary creativity to build a world!

But feelings of being overwhelmed or just not motivated, dog us all — not only in writing and art, but in life. Maybe the lawn needs a machete before you turn on the lawn mower, maybe the shelves are bare before you go food shopping, or maybe the spiders’ webs have begun to block your view out your windows before you take a broom to them.

For me, I need to set a small, reachable goal for the day. Something along the lines of: paint a background wash on a painting or revise the first page of a story or weed the first three feet of a flower garden. Quite often, once I begin the task, I find myself completing far more than I anticipated. But even if I only achieve the small goal I set for the day, I’ve already decided it will be enough.

I think the slow, but steady approach to mountains of work is the best approach for me. For some people, having a scheduled time or a set routine also helps. For me, it’s hard to keep to schedules and routines, but whether I devote an hour to writing at 9 AM or 9 PM, it’s the goal of spending an hour on my writing that I focus on achieving.

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