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Authors both love and dread book signings. It is exciting to present your book (or books) to readers at a bookstore or other venue. You can’t wait to smile, sign a few books, shake a few hands, and meet your readers.

But every author (whether they admit it or not) dreads the thought of setting up a table, placing a stack of books and a pen for signing on it, and sitting for an hour with no one in line. Yes, it does happen.

An author tells a few friends, maybe posts to Facebook or some other social media site, and counts on the store to do all the promo. Then, few if any readers show up. Maybe, a reader already in the store will take pity on the author and stop by to chat. Maybe, if you’re really lucky, this reader will buy a copy of the book.

From my experiences, it takes a more personal invitation approach to attract readers to a book signing. In fact, if you can combine a brief, informative presentation with the signing – all the better. Also, it can help to have a signing with another writer so you can (hopefully) double your audience.

For some more great tips, read this recent post by writer friend, Katherine Pickett: What I Know About Book Signings.

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