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A book launch sounds like something done at the Kennedy Space Center involving rockets and paperbacks. If only! Launching a book is not as physically painful as childbirth, but it certainly takes a toll on the writer.

Most of us don’t have the budget to hire someone to plan a book launch, so we have to figure out a way to get our book a little notice. Friends, family, and people we know through clubs, church, school, etc. can be a help—or not. Blogging, guest blogging, pinning, Facebooking, tweeting…can help launch a book—or not.

Most of us begin to think about the book’s pre-publication publicity and launch about 6 months too late. Therefore, we never quite catch up.

A writer, whom I admire, once told me the best way to assure the success of one book is to publish another, then another, then another book. He said you needed to build a reader base by giving readers lots to read. And maybe that is the answer to a successful book launch.

Here’s another opinoin on the book launch from the writing blog, Writers Get Together.

Happy reading, writing, blogging, and book launching!

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