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First, let me say I need to work on my blogging. With that said, I’ve been trying to come up with a strategy to write and share interesting content with my blog readers on a more regular basis.

Content is a tricky thing.

As an author, I want to engage my book readers – not only in the hopes they’ll continue to be interested in my writing, but also because they’re the ones who stop by at author events and cons to chat. Still, I don’t want to turn them off by constantly pushing my books.

As a writer, I’m interested in writing tips. When I find an interesting article on some aspect of the writing journey, I like to expand upon it and then, share the link. But I don’t want just writers reading my blog.

As a person, I’m interested in many things, including books, movies, science, gardening, animals, cooking, history, folklore, fairytales… well, you get the idea. In fact, those interests are the very things which inspire my writing and art. But I don’t want to just post recipes and gardening tips.

So ideally, the content of my blog speaks to my readers, helps other writers, reflects my interests, and hopefully proves interesting to many people. Like I said, content is tricky.

But content is only part of the journey to being a better blogger – there’s frequency, appearance, engaging your blog readers, etc. A good summary can be found in a She Writes post by Meghan Ward.

Happy blogging! And if you’re enjoying my posts, please visit my Amazon page and consider buying one of my books.

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