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front cover 2015 Today, I’ve been pulled in many directions:

One of my editing projects, The Gunpowder Review 2015, arrived. I opened the boxes, and checked a few copies to make sure they looked like the proof copy I’d approved. Then, I grabbed a contributor’s copy and took it to one of the contributors who happens to be the treasurer of the Gunpowder Branch, National League of American Pen Women. The Gunpowder Branch publishes The Gunpowder Review, and it was from that treasurer I needed to get a check for the cost of the copies (plus shipping and handling).

Plus, I needed to get another check, and send it with a thank you note to the person who did the design, layout, formatting, etc. for the magazine. (I’ll mail that tomorrow).

I placed a call to the local bookstore to schedule a publication reading, but the community events person wasn’t there. I’ll call back again tomorrow, and if need be, the day after that and the day after that until I can get the reading scheduled.

I’ve been reading, discussing, and responding to submissions to the Hides the Dark Tower anthology to be published later this year by Pole to Pole Publishing. Many of the submissions (and some of them quite good) fail to use a tower or tower-like structure anywhere in the story. Since a tower is the theme, this makes for many rejections. By the way, if you or anyone you know would like to check out the submission guidelines you can find them here: Hides the Dark Tower Submission Call

There is a long list of tasks to complete at home before out-of-town guests arrive next weekend. Another long list of writing and illustration projects with deadlines in the next 2 weeks. And my hand-outs and presentations for an upcoming writers’ conference need to be completed.

And then, the phone rings. Here’s where the “No” comes in.

The first key to success as a writer (or illustrator) is “Learn to say, “No.” Your time is valuable, and sometimes, the neighbor who wants to call and chat has to be ignored. Sometimes, the spouse who wants you to sit with them and watch a television show has to be told, “Not tonight.” Sometimes, fast food is good enough for dinner.

Another writer (whom I respect), Beth Barany blogged about this, too. Check out her post: Peek into the Creative Cauldron – How I get my Work Done.

Best wishes to you as you set aside writing time and learn to say, “No.”

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