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Evergreens We had a couple of inches of snow last night. Though the blustery wind has pushed the snow into small drifts, it isn’t deep enough to scoop up an unblemished bowlful.

You might be asking, why in the world would I be looking for a bowl of snow? Here’s the answer: When I was a kid, we used to gather snow from a location where the white fluddy stuff was as pure as possible. Then, we’d stir in some maple syrup and make a form of snow ice cream.

The idea for maple snow ice cream was from my Granny and Pop Crosby who’d grown up in Western New York with its lake-effect snowfall. Both had come from families of limited means. Maple syrup was available in the area for a reasonable price, if you didn’t gather maple sap and boil up your own syrup. And so our family’s maple snow ice cream tradition began many years ago in Western New York.

We also had a vanilla version of snow ice cream, which involved mixing sugar and vanilla and a bowlful of snow. For non-maple syrup lovers, it is an agreable substitute.

Variations of combining maple syrup and snow can be found in family cookbooks, online, and even in one of the Little House on the Prairie books by Laura Ingalls Wilder. With more snow in the forecast for next week for Wood’s Edge, I should be able to gather some snow and relive one of my favorite childhood memories.

Plus, as a writer who frequently writes about winter and frontier or rural locations, this little tidbit of Americana might just be included in a story. Writers need to remember to include specific details in their stories, and what is more specific than a homemade treat using snow?

For those who’d like to try a snow-maple delicacy, here’s a link to an easy maple sugar snow candy. So gather your bowls, spoons, and syrup bottle – and let it snow!

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