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I had a mixed relationship with an agent (and her assistants at the same New York City literary agency). I was so excited when she asked to represent my book, I briefly scanned the contract and happily signed with the agent and her agency.

The good news, Agent NYC read the book and gave me some good rewrite suggestions. Even when she handed my book off to her assistant, I wasn’t worried. Assistant Agent NYC gave me even more good rewrite advice.

Bad news, both Agent NYC and Assistant Agent NYC didn’t communicate often. Time slipped by, and I had no idea if my manuscript had actually made it onto an editor’s desk. Communications got worse, and Assistant Agent NYC #2 informed me she was taking over my book. The agency closed its doors a week later.

I thought I’d asked the right questions. Agent NYC had a credible background with other agencies before founding her own agency and she had clients who’d had books accepted and published, etc. I’d even met Agent NYC at an established writers’ conference where she was critiquing manuscripts. Still, I should have double-checked everything and been more “on top” of things when the communications started to become “few and far between.”

Skean copy Have I found another agent? Not yet, but I’m hopeful one of my upcoming projects will interest an agent.

Did the manuscript so poorly represented by Agent NYC get published? Yes, I submitted the manuscript myself to several small publishers. Its title is The Enchanted Skean, a 2014 Compton Crook Award Finalist, available from Amazon and elsewhere.

Here’s a link to an article about agents from Writers Digest (and the article contains additional links to more agent info).

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