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AUTHOR Thanks to author Tami Cox, author of Spirits of Gettysburg: Tales of a Ghost Tour Guide (as Tami Rasel), for stopping by and chatting about her newest romance novel, Boone and Molly.

Whimsical Words followers will remember Tami stopped by in March with a post about her first novel, Blue Moon Over Martinsburg. I mentioned in the intro to that post, West Virginia holds a special place in my life (and heart) – so it’s great to have an opportunity to promote another book set in WV.

Boone & Molly by Tami Cox

“When we last visited with Boone & Molly (Blue Moon over Martinsburg) – Spoiler Alert – the couple had finally gotten married in a romantic ceremony and was planning on moving away from the little town on Berkley Road. Boone & Molly, the second book in the trilogy, begins with the couple starting their new life in a new town.

Life appears perfect to Molly. She is finally attending college, they live in one of the most charming towns in West Virginia—Shepherdstown, and she is married to the man she has loved and adored since she was fourteen-years-old. Perfect that is, until she discovers Boone’s dark secret—his addiction to drugs and alcohol.

Boone’s addiction sends their life into a whirlwind of turmoil and has disastrous consequences for the young couple. Molly soon realizes that she has to make one of the most difficult choices of her life. She can stay with the man she loves more than anything and continue in her role as Boone’s enabler, or she can leave him and begin to live free from a life consumed with drugs and alcohol.

boone and molly 2 Continue on with the epic love story of two unforgettable characters in Boone & Molly.

And now, a little bit more about me, my writing, and books:

I chose to give Boone and Molly the trial of dealing with drugs and alcohol because I’ve worked as a drug and alcohol counselor and a prevention educator in York and Adams counties for the last several years. I’ve seen firsthand how drugs destroy a person’s life and also the life of their family, their loved ones, and worst of all, their children. Enabling the addict seems the compassionate thing to do. It’s not easy to turn away the person you love; unfortunately, enabling usually does nothing but prolong them from getting much-needed help.

I love the story of Boone and Molly. I enjoyed writing it and have received so many wonderful reviews from folks who also enjoyed reading Blue Moon over Martinsburg and have begged for their story to continue. Both books are an easy read and both I believe will be difficult to put down. One of my favorite reviews was from a lady who told me that when she wasn’t reading the book, Boone and Molly’s story kept playing over and over in her mind and she couldn’t wait to get back to the book.

Recently, I went into my local bank to take care of some business and the tellers told me they were all reading Blue Moon over Martinsburg, and were excited for the next book to come out. One teller told me that she was in the middle of the story, was supposed to go to a Bruno Mars concert with her husband and was so anxious to find out what happened that she took her Kindle with her to the concert. I love hearing the excitement my readers are sharing with me and how they can’t wait to find out what happens to Boone and Molly next. I’m grateful for the fans.”

Want to learn more about Tami and her books? Visit her on Facebook.

If you’re curious about her first book, Blue Moon over Martinsburg, here’s the Book Trailer to give you a taste, and you can view the Book Trailer for Spirits of Gettysburg, too.

You can buy Blue Moon over Martinsburg, Boone & Molly, and Spirits of Gettysburg from Amazon.

Thanks again to Tami Cox for her guest post. Watch Whimsical Words for more Monday Guests, Quotable Wednesdays, Saturday Owl Posts, blogs from me, and more. Have a fabulous day – Vonnie

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