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cropSQUARE_tamie_009 Thanks to author Tamie Dearen for stopping by and sharing a summary, an excerpt, and some thoughts about her new Young Adult fantasy novel, Alora. Enjoy!

Alora—A Young Adult Fantasy by Tamie Dearen

First, a bit about Tamie Dearen’s new book, which she says is “recommended for ages 13-113” – “Alora is a normal fifteen-year-old girl who lives on a ranch in rural Montana. Her biggest excitement is the upcoming school dance. Until one day while taking a shower, she sees an image that almost seems real. A boy, with long brown hair and the most intense green eyes she’s ever seen.

Little does she know that this vision is only the beginning of a great adventure. That her life will be forever altered as she discovers another realm, a strange world of magic and gifts, where a man full of evil power will use any means possible to capture and control her or else to end her life.

Alora must decide whether to hide in the relative safety of her Montana home or risk everything to fulfill her destiny and defend a home she never knew existed. Though despised for their youth, Alora and her friends, mark the beginning of a new era in Laegenshire.

Alora is a book of powers and magic, good and evil, fighting and valor, and love that conquers all. Where urban fantasy and medieval fantasy merge, there we find the adventures of Alora.”

And next, Tamie Dearen writes about the genesis of Alora
“The story of Alora grew from my love of fantasy and young people. I love fantasy because of the escape that comes from letting your imagination run unfettered by silly things like the laws of physics. I love young people because they are in a constant state of change as opposed to adults who have become solidified, stale and boring. I equate young people to fresh Playdough—fun, formable, moldable, full of limitless possibilities. Many adults, on the other hand, have left the lids off their Playdough. They have become stiff, dull and unable to adapt or change. Tragically, most adults are oblivious to what they have lost. They look down from their lofty position of venerable agedness to criticize the idealism, imagination, enthusiasm, and acceptance of their young counterparts while attempting to force them into hardened molds of themselves. To enjoy life again, we need to look through the eyes of and think through the minds of the young. I know an eighty-year-old who proves, ‘If you think young, you are young!’”

alora Finally, an excerpt from Alora
“When Alora awoke with a start, the water was almost cold. Disappointment formed a knot in her stomach—he’d never appeared. She released some water down the drain, and added hot water, swirling it around until the temperature was comfortable again. It was only five-thirty, so she could relax for five more minutes before she started her day. She lay back down, sinking below the water with her eyes closed, swishing the fresh water over her skin to remove the bubble bath film, her face floating above the surface to breath.

Abruptly, he appeared again. She held her breath, clamping her eyes shut tight, trying to hold the image as long as possible. Though the apparition was still slightly blurry, she could see all of him, head to toe. She studied him closely. She almost clapped her hands when her mental measurement estimated his height at over six feet. At five feet ten, she was taller than most boys her age. But she scolded herself for examining him as if he were a potential boyfriend. He wasn’t even real.

His clothes were made of supple-looking brown leather. The attire was odd—held together with ties rather than buttons or zippers. The fit was close enough that his well-formed muscles were evident. She noted that his long hair was tied back, as it had been earlier. She could only see the front of him as he stood frozen, stock-still, with his mouth agape, his jewel-green eyes wide and . . .moving. His eyes were moving, up and down, as if he were scanning her body as she had done. Suddenly, it occurred to her that if she could see all of him, he might be able to see all of her.

Quickly, she opened her eyes to dispense with the specter, but his image remained—now sharp and clear. And he seemed to be standing in her bathroom. She cowered under the water, attempting to hide under the few remaining bubbles. His eyes dropped down to her navel, and as they widened, he whispered, “Wendelle?”

Alora sat up and screamed at the top of her lungs, lunging for her towel on the floor. Hastily covering herself and preparing to leap from the tub, she looked up, only to discover the vision was gone. If indeed it had been a vision.”

To learn more about Tamie Dearen and Alora visit her website, Facebook page, goodreads page, or twitter.

And you can purchase Alora at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords.

Thanks again to Tamie Dearen for her guest post. Watch Whimsical Words for more guests, Quotable Wednesdays, Saturday Owl posts, blogs from me, and occasional Readers & Writers Recipes. Have a fantastical day! – Vonnie

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