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Readers and Writers Recipes: Crab Appetizers

This is a classic and yummy appetizer. Like last week’s Mock Boursin Cheese Spread, Crab Appetizers work well for a book club or readers’ group get-together, family get-together, or any other fun gathering. And the best part – you can make the Crab Appetizers ahead of time, and just cook them briefly when it’s time to eat.

Crab Appetizers


1 cup margarine (softened)

2 5-ounce Kraft Old English Cheese Spread

2-teaspoons Miracle Whip Lite (or similar lo-cal mayonnaise)

1/4-teaspoon garlic powder

1-teaspoon seasoned salt

1-pound crab meat

12 English muffins, split

Directions to make:

1-Combine the margarine, cheese spread, Miracle Whip, garlic powder, seasoned salt, and crab meat.

2-Spread on the split English muffins. (You have 24 split English muffins).

3-Cut the split English muffins into quarters (there will be 96 quarters).

4-Spread in a single layer on cookie sheets and place in the freezer until cheese is firm.

5-Remove the cookies sheets from the freezer, lift Crab Appetizers from the sheets and place in plastic zipper freezer bags. Store in freezer until ready to use.

Directions to serve:

1-Preheat oven to 350º F and coat cookie sheets with a vegetable spray like Pam.

2-Put the desired number of still-frozen Crab Appetizers in a single layer on cookie sheets, place in the preheated oven, and bake until the cheesy topping is slightly browned and bubbly. (About 10 minutes, but watch closely so as not to burn). Put any unused Crab Appetizers back in the freezer for later use.

3-Remove cookies sheets from oven and place the appetizers on a serving dish. Serve immediately. Each batch makes 96 Crab Appetizers.


1-These simple, make-ahead-of-time appetizers go quickly, so you might want to make 2 batches to have in the freezer. When company drops by, you can always pull out a few Crab Appetizers from the freezer to bake and serve your guests.

2-If you make too many and have left-overs after your party, these delightful Crab Appetizers can be warmed up the next day and served with soup for a tasty lunch.

Appearing Monday on Whimsical Words: a guest post from author, Diane Gardner.

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