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I rarely wear a watch. In fact, people who’ve known me for years have never seen a watch strapped to my wrist. Why? Because they always break. I’m not talking about being dropped or smashed or stomped – no, no. The watches just stop working.

I’ve been told by some people my body has too many electrical currents. Hmm. Others have told me that there must be something magnetic about my body. Since I haven’t noticed any nail filings clinging to my ankles, that seems unlikely to me. And then there’s this explanation that’s come from friends, strangers, and family members: fairy blood. It seems according to legend, someone with fairy blood jinxes technology.

I, of course, give no credence to such foolishness. There must be a more logical explanation for why the toaster wouldn’t work today (like many days) when I plugged it in and pushed down the levers – not once, but thrice. Witnessing my dilemma, my husband stepped forward, plugged the wretched toaster in once, pushed down the levers, and it worked perfectly. Argh!

 I’m sure it must have been a coincidence that his afternoon as I awaited a phone call, the house phone went dead. Much to my chagrin, the television in the background lost reception at the same moment. And as my husband used his cell phone to call the land-line telephone company to inform them of the loss of service, I saw we no longer had internet.

The loss of internet service happens often to me. I’ve become practiced in the steps necessary to reboot our router. What to unplug, how long to wait, when to replug. Usually, I go through the steps three to four times before the internet is functioning or I give up. When my husband comes home on those days, he shakes his head and goes through the steps once. Once, and bingo! The internet is perfect, and feel like a fool. Of course today, the internet was dead because the cable was out-of-service. I guess it’s Murphy’s Law.

And I hate to even discuss flashlights. I buy them, put new batteries in them, use them once or twice, and they go dim. The next time I turn them on – they won’t work. I replace the batteries and fiddle with the connectors, but they still won’t work. If flashlights continue to refuse to work for me and the moon isn’t bright enough, I guess I’ll have to start walking the dog in the evening by torch light.

Electrical currents, magnetic body pulses, Murphy’s Law, or fairy blood – technology and I are often at odds. Which brings me to the desk light – the bulb just went out. And so, by the computer screen’s dim glow, I’ll sign off before it, too, is jinxed.

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