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Bees & FairyI’m going to FaerieCon 2009 on Sunday, Nov. 8th with a couple of writer friends. Faerie Con will be held at Baltimore Marriott Hunt Valley Inn, Maryland, November 6 thru 8 — and I can’t wait to go. The writer guest of honor is Charles de Lint. He’s a wonderful word-smith, and an inspiration to all of us who love fantasy literature.

Years ago, I spent a delightful day in May at Spoutwood Farm’s Faerie Festival in Glenrock, PA. The music, vendors, performers, speakers, fun, and people made for a magical day. I’m hoping Sunday the 8th is half as inspirational.

And, I hope you enjoy my watercolor painting: “Bees & Fairy.”  www.FaerieCon.com

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 The editor from an eShort publisher just requested an edit on a science fiction short story, Assassins, I submitted to her earlier this fall.

This is good news!  Writers need to remember when an editor likes your story (or poem or article or book) enough to spend her time editing your words, it’s a compliment. I know it’s difficult to change or shorten your story, but good editors know what a reader needs. And a good editor is always editing for the reader.

 “But it’s my story,” many writers say. “I should decide what stays and what goes.”  And you’re right — but be flexible. Often if a writer refuses all editorial suggestions, they come across as “difficult” and their piece of writing isn’t accepted for publication.

Therefore, every writer needs to remove their emotions from the decision-making process when it comes to editing. Both you and the editor want the same thing: readers to have access to the best possible version of your story.

 So let’s hope I correctly applied those editorial suggestions and “fixed” a few problem areas in Assassins well enough that you’ll get to read the story soon.  🙂

As for the 3 pictures in this post — they’re possible cover photos I sent to the publisher. It will be up to her which of these, if any, she’ll use. The editors might decide to use a different cover entirely — but they’re the experts, and as an author I need to rely on their expertise. By the way — which do you prefer?

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