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 Vonnie pic2  It’s me, Vonnie Winslow Crist.  I’m a writer of science fiction, fantasy, dark fantasy (yes, that’s a nice way of saying horror), poetry, essays, reviews, and “The Writer’s Block Column” for Harford’s Heart Magazine: www.harfordsheart.com  
   I’ve been lucky this year, I’ve had quite a few acceptances for my stories and poems — though most haven’t been printed or posted yet.  Sigh.  This is where patience comes in. 
   Of course, I’ve had my share of rejections in 2009, too.  When the story or poem I’ve sent off to a publisher comes back with a “No Thank You” note attached — I take a deep breath, retype the work, and submit it to another market.  This is where persistance comes in.
   Between the highs of acceptance and the lowers of rejection, there is the day-to-day writing.  Sometimes, the words come so fast that my fingers can’t keep up with my imagination.  At other times, it’s hard to focus on the computer screen much less type more than a few words.  The sun shines through the window.  The garden calls.  The cat keeps trying to crawl into my lap.  The dog wants to go outside.  The phone rings.  This is where discipline and determination come in.
My message for today: If you have a dream (being a writer is mine): Be patient. Persist. Be determined. Discipline yourself to work. Oh, and have fun while you’re pursuing your dream! (If you want to read some of my writing or view some of my artwork: www.vonniewinslowcrist.com )

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